Top 10 Reasons You Should Move

Thinking of moving? Before you pack up your entire life and relocate to a new 
property, it’s important to understand if you are moving for the right reasons. 
Make sure you are moving to a new home that will better suit your needs and 
lifestyle, and one that will make a significant positive change for the road ahead.  
Read through the following key reasons to move, to get a better sense of why 
moving now might be the right choice for you. 

1. Your family size has changed.  
One of the most common reasons to move is that the size of your current home 
no longer meets your needs. Whether your family has grown with the arrival of 
children or downsized as a result of divorce, it’s important to live in a home that’s 
comfortable for you and your loved ones.  Many young couples for example, 
initially purchase a cozy two or three bedroom, 1200 square foot condo or 
townhome that suits their situation perfectly. It has just enough room to entertain 
their many guests. As they start a family, their first child moves into the guest 
bedroom and toys take over the living area. The perfect house for two becomes 
too small for three or more. 

2. You want better schools for your children. 
The area in which you live usually determines where your children will go to 
school, as all schools have district boundaries. This can be great for your 
children as their friends will generally live in close proximity to their school 
neighbourhood. It’s also great as children become older, as they can eventually 
walk or bike to school with their siblings or friends. A school nearby can also 
make dropping off and picking up children simple and efficient. 

3.  Your work commute is too far. 
A common reason to move is a change in employment. Whether it’s out of the 
city or even out of the province, most people will only commute so far. To keep 
travel time to a reasonable rate, moving closer to your place of employment may 
be the only viable solution.   

4. Remodeling is just not for you. 
It takes plenty of time, money and patience. Remodeling will always have two 
factors which are unavoidable: the inconvenience and the decision-making. The 
inconvenience can be as little as a few days or as long as a few months for more 
major renovations. For many people, even the slightest inconvenience can be too 
disruptive to their lifestyle, and therefore moving may be a more appealing 
solution instead of enduring the hassle. 

5. Your neighbourhood has lost its appeal. 
Neighbourhoods tend to evolve over time. As long-time neighbours move out, 
new ones move in, and the type of people in your community can change. 
Having parks, community centres and shopping close by, may now be a priority 
for you when they weren’t before. New industrial buildings or other unattractive 
structures may have been built over time that detract from the area’s appeal. 
Most features of your neighbourhood cannot be changed, and therefore it is wise 
to find a neighbourhood that meets all of your needs. 

6. You can’t remodel with your current home’s floor plan.  
Instead of moving, you may have considered remodeling your current home. Due 
to structural barriers, building codes and lot size, you may be very limited in the 
changes that you can make. Oftentimes, it can become very costly when 
redesigning a floor plan for your home. Sometimes it’s just not worth the time or 
the effort.  

7. Your current yard is too big, too small or non-existent. 
For many people, the yard is an essential part of a home. It’s a place to enjoy the 
great weather, entertain, dine, garden and play. If you’re currently in a condo or 
condo townhome, you may be longing for a large green space to call your own.  
On the other hand, a large yard may require more maintenance than you would 
like, and you may therefore be looking to downsize your outdoor area. 
Regardless of size, most people want a yard that will accommodate their living 
style; a space for people and pets to enjoy the great outdoors. 

8. Remodeling is not in your budget.  
Remodeling can increase the value of your property, if you make the right home 
improvement choices. Often remodeling can be expensive and time consuming, 
and there is no guarantee that you will see a good return on your investment. 
Remember, it’s always better to be the home of lesser value on a street of higher 
value homes. It’s better for resale. 

9. Your property is already the largest and most attractive on the street.  
You may have already completed some home renovations in the past, and your 
home is the best on the block. If you’re looking to stay in your home for years to 
come, you will enjoy the benefits of your investment. If you have been 
remodeling to accommodate the extra bedrooms and bathrooms you need, then 
making a move to a larger home may be your best financial decision yet. 

10. You plan to move in the next few years. 
If there were a wrong time to renovate, it would be right before you move. Don't 
go through the expense and the inconvenience of remodeling and then put your 
home up for sale. Moving right after a remodel can be costly unless you 
managed your remodel project very carefully to minimize the cost and maximize 
the market appeal of the work. Also, moving immediately takes away one of the 
biggest benefits of remodeling: enjoying the results. If there is a reasonable 
chance of you moving in the next 24 months, it may be better to move now to get 
the house you really want.